Monday, June 14, 2010

Xiang Bao Festival

Yesterday I rode to the outskirts of the city where five rows of red tents were set up and rows and rows of a traditional craft were being displayed and sold. Everyone basically had the same thing, embroidered hanging ornaments. Some were huge like chandeliers. Others were small to be fastened to a cell phone. Every Christmas I get one of the sweet smelling bags shown in the picture. There is one hanging on every light fixture, in every doorway, and on every knob. During the winter Tree House worker party, once the xiang bao had been opened during the white elephant gift game, it was quickly stolen three times. People in this city LOVE xiang bao. I on the other hand unlike in Africa where I had to restrain myself from buying, was able to browse the tents without any temptation to spend money.

The creative writing club book is almost finished. I think the writers really like seeing their writing typed with visual graphics added to their work.

My site mate will be ending her PC service in a month, and I have decided to try to be a Yes girl. Usually if I don't want to do something like sing karaoke or play beer pong, I will say no. But not this month. Yes, yes, yes.

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