Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What to knit next?

For the upcoming winter, I need sweaters. Why? Because during home leave I want to take home all my good clothes which means my good jackets. This means I need to start knitting layers.

Tomorrow I am going to go yarn shopping. Even though the USA has great yarn stores with an amazing selection of yarn that I cannot find in China, I must make a vow not to buy yarn. It is too expensive in America. Here in China, for $4.50, I can buy about 600 grams worth of wool which can be made into several items a long sleeve sweater, a T-sweater, and socks. There is even cheaper acrylic yarn for about $2.60 per 600 grams.

I need to get a big project on the needles so when I am back in the states, I won't be tempted to buy yarn.

Here are three projects I am thinking of doing: Avast or Plain and Simple Pullover or a Sag Snood. I guess I will be buying a lot of gray. I like knitting simple designs, nothing fancy, especially no lace. Do I get bored? Nah... I just like keeping my hands busy without too much thinking.

Recently, I have finished a green T-sweater, a pair of socks, a hat, and a scarf. I've run out of yarn.


alison said...

The plain and simple pullover is so cute! But the Avast might be more useful for winter. Would you mind putting up a link to the pattern for the plain and simple pullover?

Dr. Jen said...

I would love to put up a link to the pattern for the pullover; however, it is a free downloaded pdf. I can't post the link. Ravelry is a cool internet community of knitters that have a lot of free patterns where people post pictures of their finished knitted goods and give tips and comments about them.

M said...

The Avast is realy cool! I used to buy these in black, I love the sweaters that can be zipped up for some reason...
can't see the photo of the plain and simple pullover though....
wow, knitting does sound complicated ! Unlike you I can't do two things at once (especially film+anything else) so I'm afraid if I start that I will be the least socialble person in the galaxy.

Lisa R-R said...

If you can wear wool, I vote for that.
Acrylic isn't really worth your efforts, and won't be warm.
I like Avast and Plain/Simple - different uses but they look good.