Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tailor Made Skirt

Here is the wrap skirt I had made. I am quite happy with it. The new tailor didn't make a skirt that was too small. Plus the butterflies were right side up instead of upside down. The labor cost 30 RMB ($4.41) and then the fabric bought in Li Jiang, Yunnan Province was 60 RMB ($9). I was able to get a sleeveless shirt and a skirt made out of the cloth. I got a phone call from the tailor and will pick up the shirt and a sundress tomorrow.

The water came back on and I was able to do laundry and mop the floors. My house is always happier when the floors look clean.

I went to a bakery looking for shaved ice, covered with beans but opted for a custard cup instead. The bakery had air conditioning. I spent a couple pages writing about guilt and debt.

Tonight in the Tree House we played Taboo then ate at the Muslim cafeteria. A guy who works for the government sat with us and wanted to be our friends. Whenever I eat in the cafeteria, no one talks to me, but because my site mate joined me, we got a lot of attention.

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