Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food, Yoga, and KTV

Here is the back gate, meat sandwich guy. I like his fifty cent pork sandwiches that come on a type of flat bread that is cooked in a clay oven right there at his cart, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. He is always friendly asking me lots of questions even though I tend to have a hard time understanding his local pronunciation. His most recent request is to trade some Chinese money for some American money. I told him with a smile and a laugh, "I live in China and don't have an American job, so I don't have any American money."

Yesterday S's women's club did yoga. Usually I don't participate in her club, but yoga sounded fun. I have never been a big fan of yoga but yesterday was great especially since I have grown a lot weaker. Yoga could help me build up strength again. While in Seattle I could bench press my body weight and do more than 35 push ups at one time. Now I am down to maybe 10 doing them poorly. I am really weak and the leg that I had surgery on is wobbly. I miss working out with weights.

Last night, because I have decided to be a yes girl, I went out to KTV (karaoke). Did I have fun? Umm... Sort of? The music is loud. I don't know a lot of the songs. All we do is sit and listen to people sing. Some people will sing along with the original artists, so we can't really hear the people singing. The ones who can sing are fun to listen to as they blast their way in a duet since there are two microphones or the few brave ones might solo it out. S said, "KTV is more fun if you are drinking." The beers at KTV are triple the regular price. Plus I don't drink. I have found that because I don't drink I tend to get left out of fun activities that the people drinking seem to be really enjoying. Should the yes girl attitude also include alcohol? *shrug* Probably not.


M said...

IS the meat sandwish "rou jia mou"? The Xian thing? ( not sure how to spell). Do you ask the guy to cut out the fat or do you leave it?
We don't have this very easily in LZ, but it's sooooo good!

Hum, Beer Pong without drinking will be tough... OR you'll kill everyone because you'll be the only one coordinated...? Hum, to be verified.

Dr. Jen said...

Actually I don't know what the name of the sandwich is called. I never asked. He does ask if I want this type of sandwich or this type which I am guessing he is asking if I want a meat only sandwich or one with a bit of fat.

I think the guy who likes to play beer pong isn't in it for trying to get drunk but likes it for the skill it takes to get the ball into the cup. Kind of like playing darts or pool.