Sunday, June 27, 2010

Women's Conference

This semester there were two clubs: Women's Club advised by my sitemate and English Club for Knitters advised by me. The Women's Club was for sophomore and junior students. The English Club for Knitters was for freshmen. Because of the difference between language levels, we decided to have two different clubs so that the freshmen wouldn't get run over by the more confident older students.

Tonight we held an end of the semester women's conference that combined the two clubs. Using only English, the women got together and exchanged ideas, participating in an ice breaker, telling each other what they did this semester, interviewing each other, explaining homemade posters about women, and telling each other their high and low of the week. It was a great success. The freshmen after spending a semester knitting while using English became a lot more confident. Instead of shying away from strangers they were able to express themselves using English. The older students were like big sisters taking care of their little sisters, encouraging them to be confident. It was a win win situation.

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