Sunday, June 27, 2010

Goodbye Sitemate

So it is very close to the end of the twenty seven month commitment to PC and my sitemate will be going home. She was the ying to my yang, and we made a pretty good team. She was the funny one while I was the serious one. She was the creative one and the one who would say, "Chillax," whenever I would spin into my pessimistic worry anxiety circles. She was the creative ideas behind secondary projects, the one who would push to start them while I was the organizer, the finisher, and logistics person. Now she is going home.

Lucky her.

Last night while out with Chinese strangers, friends of a Canadian we were all saying goodbye to, I realized I miss America, the non-censored me, the me who can talk about whatever she wants, date whoever she wants, be around people who are open to non-traditional ideas. One more year and then I will head back to the states to be me again.

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