Sunday, June 27, 2010

Three Men on Bicycles

As I was sitting outside eating an egg and tofu sandwich watching the playground, I saw three guys on road bikes riding round and round in circles like they were practicing for an indoor bicycle race. The men were wearing bike helmets. BIKE HELMETS! It was an astonishing sight. I have seen maybe two Chinese people wearing bicycle helmets and they were unique because they had fancy bikes, fancy outfits, and gloves. The majority of people in China do not wear motorcycle helmets nor bicycle helmets. While wearing my Peace Corps issued helmet, people's heads turn to watch me bike by, and they snicker. I was very surprised to see helmets on the playground. When I looked more closely, I saw that they were wearing the helmets backwards from how I would wear them.

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M said...

crazy! Were they preparing for some kind of competition??
ha, China. We get amazed/frustrated/stressed out/happy by weird weird things :D