Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is what happens when a wide six lane road is blocked by a metal fence and reduced down to one bike lane that is just wide enough to fit two cars. When accidents occur in China, rarely are vehicles moved off the road. Instead they sit blocking traffic until the police arrive. I have not really seen too many accidents, just a lot of motorcycles lying on their sides in front of larger vehicles. I have somewhat gotten used to cars, motorcycles, and bicycles all on the wrong side of the road moving the wrong way. It is chaotic dodging vehicles and people coming from every direction.

When trying to get on an exercise schedule, it is frustrating when unforeseen things try to prevent you from exercising. Yesterday it was a flat tire. Today it is rain. I think I am going to bike anyways. Hopefully the rain isn't heavy or continuous.

Today is my last day of teaching and final exam dates have finally been posted. My class' listening final is the 6th of July.

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