Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sports Meet

Did you know that in August 2010, my city will be hosting a Gansu Olympic Games? Is that the reason today and tomorrow there will be a sports meet for students at my school? Actually, no that is not the reason. Every year across China, high schools, middle schools, and universities hold sports meets for their students to build character through exercise.

This morning I got up at 5:55 am and went out the door at 7:50 to grab a $0.14 a bread thing with a fried egg on top from the cafeteria. Then I went to the big dusty hard as rock clay playground. Hmm... I guess playground is the Chinese English word that the students use here. It isn't actually a playground where kids go and play, but is a big empty tan field with track markings dug into the ground.

The opening ceremonies had a parade and performances: aerobics routine, Kung Fu and Tai Chi demonstration, Taekwondo demonstration, and drumming.

Action pictures are really hard to capture.

Knowing which bad picture to post is also hard. I wanted to do a series of pictures with shades of red. I have a picture full of red costumes on drummers but it has missing body parts. Just needed to shift the camera a little to the left making it a better picture.

The photo I have decided to post is not a clear picture because I was a bit far and had to use the zoom, but the action is interesting. By the end of the performance one guy was jumping over 7 people. Plus I know the guy in the picture who is flying in the air. I've done Taekwondo with him.


universalibrarian said...

that's a really good action picture. Cool.
Are you staying for another year then?

Dr. Jen said...

Yes I will be staying for another year. There are parts of me that want to stay and there are parts of me that are ready to return to a place where I have more freedom to be me and to stop hiding.