Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Photo project?

I am not sure if I am really going to do a photo blog project, but I might.

Recently I looked at a friend's photo blog, documenting her one year visit to America where she would post pictures and then write a short snippet about her day or about the photo. I was surprised to see how writing a little bit about day to day events gave a revealing insight into her life in America. Plus comparing that work to her blog work in China documents the contrast of the two countries.

Not only were the photos great, but the regularity of learning about day to day events really revealed something about a college student's life in America.

I could see how posting day to day events might be kind of boring, but over a period of time it somehow became meaningful bringing a new understanding to life.

Hmmm... I might try it.
Today is my day off from teaching and I usually go to a bakery, a fried chicken sandwich shop, or a restaurant to lesson plan. The weather was overcast with sprinkled showers so a bowl of noodles and a slice of cake were a perfect cheap way to find a table safe from the damp to plan. This week's listening unit is on sportsmanship. Nothing too exciting. Might be doing some classroom yoga in class though.

After polishing off a piece of chocolate cake, I decided to try my hand at taking some photos with my new camera. The reason I like drawing is because instead of taking the world in as big chunks, eyes that are trying to draw start focusing and magnifying small details that you weren't even aware of. After walking around with a camera ending in a garden, I realized like a sketchpad cameras force your eyes to start magnifying, to start seeing everything. I am just not sure how to capture those details on film.

Today the coolest thing I saw, was a plant covered with black ants. The picture didn't turn out well though, so instead here is a picture that I took because it reminded me of Africa: colors and plastics all Made in China.

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