Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today's Tidbits

My final has been submitted and maybe it will happen in a couple weeks. I am doing my review this week just in case since no one has told us when finals will be.

The weather is getting warm and I just realized that I could use the fridge to chill water. How funny... I have spent two years in China and it is only now that I came up with that idea. I think it is because I never really thought my part of China was hot. It is nothing compared to Africa. Slowly my body has been adapting here and now I am taking two showers a day. Funny that since it is not hot, not at all. I guess I take two showers a day because my feet stink. The dust here is bad. I guess I could just bucket wash my feet.

I participated in senior group pictures today and realized that I am still angry with them for not coming to my class.

The creative writing zine is finished. Only thing left to do is to have a book reading while eating hot pot.

I was going to go see Avatar tonight, but it took too long to photocopy the zine. There was a long line. Many students were making photocopies of their final exams. I wonder how they got copies of them.

My bike ride today was excellent. I left at 7 am and the sun was high in the sky. I biked a paved road for about twelve kilos and then hit a dirt road.

I am reading Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin, and it is making me homesick.

Last thing I realized today is I am judgmental almost on the verge of prejudiced, maybe more biased than actually prejudiced. I hate that I am and am angry that I am. So why not stop? Good question.... I have to think and write about it some more.

Oh one more thing... Is it just China or is it everywhere? Big super big bug eyed big sunglasses are the fashion these days?

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